Available solutions:
  • Real Estate Crowd Investing
  • Energy Crowd Investing
  • Startup Equity Crowd Investing
  • Peer to Peer Lending

    Two ways to use any investing products:
    Manual Solution: Compliance and payments are handled by your own team, deals are managed and updated by your compliance team manually.
    Fully automated Solution: Platforms act as the investor/issuer information and communication portal. Automated compliance, payment management and FINRA audits for each offering and deal execution is handled by one of our "best-of-breed" partner platforms integrated with your portal. Meets requirements for both Jobs Act Title 2 offerings (506 Reg D) and will be compliant with Title 3 when regulations are in place.

    Best of breed infrastructure...
    Our secure hosting environment meets CIFRA industry best practices;
    PCI secure environment;
    Peace of mind with customer data;
    Closest to 100% uptime available;
    Wholly segregated hosting.

    Compliance and payments...
    Accept investments by check or bank transfer;
    Manage disbursements manually with your own compliance team;
    Fully automated and integrated with one of our partner platforms.
    Many ways to share campaigns;
    More ways to go viral and share campaigns;
    Advanced ways to get the word out to angels and vc;
    Offline campaign marketing solutions integrated;
    Higher potential success for your users.

    Plus all these features...
    Robust Admin features;
    Custom design and branding;
    Advanced analytics and investor tracking;
    Interactive investor Deal Room;
    Secure documents downloads section;
    Extensive social sharing 90 networks and email lists;
    Single-user robust Admin panel, charts, and tutorials;
    Unlimited campaigns, unlimited end-users;
    Unlimited additional photo galleries and videos;
    Upload supporting business documents;
    Use your own domain and emails;
    Threaded blog-style campaign updates;
    User comments platform-based or via Facebook;
    Website installed and setup;
    Support and customer service;