Syteline Add-On's

YAWI (Young America Work Instructions):

This customization was developed to create a visual display of
actual work instructions for Engineers, Production, and Shop Floor personnel.

Previously, a user would have to place these instructions in the Notes field in Syteline. Notes are hidden and
time consuming to get at. Work instructions are visible right at the forefront of the Job Operations.

Item Shortage Report:

This report gives end users a “shortage” report in Syteline – specifically dealing with
requirements and replenishment for an item. This report "pinpoints" these items, and when they would be
short, in a "transactional format".


This add-on to Syteline ERP that coordinates and tracks resource times and availability. It allows
factory floor employees to record time against a job while matching designated job quantities to acceptable
ranges. It is a separate add-on that collects time and job quantities, allows you to edit that information, then
imports it into a standard Syteline job. This is all done without using up valuable Syteline licenses!


Module is a Windows based application; this module is for Managing Employee in an
organization where the human resource or manager can analyze:

Number of Employees, Number of departments and employees in each department, uploading
certifications, assigning certifications, assigning employees to work centers, assign managers to
departments, and reporting employee list with valid certification for particular work center depending on Job order.

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